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The ‘Tapas’ collection by Loveramics is a beautiful range of plates and bowls that work perfectly for all
your tableware needs.

As the name suggests, the collection has also been designed to be used for sharing dishes where multiple dishes can be combined to present your favourite food.

BREWERS new glass jugs: belly/ optic/ zigzag

Adding 3 new designs to work with our existing drippers and stands. The newly developed lids fit all old and new jugs, aiding heat retention. Also work as dust cover can double up as a teapot for a pleasure tea moment.

ER-GO! SYSTEM wood platter

Wide range of sizes and shapes that give you millions ways of presenting your cafe menu and forming unlimited combinations.




Loveramics has four tableware collections, have you ever wondered why we need anyone of them? Today we will go through the design procedures and ex...

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