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Dale Harris "Champions Signature"


Dale Harris, 2017 World Barista Champion.


The Champions Signature"  is a collaboration between Loveramics and Dale Harris, the World Barista Champion in 2017.

Back in 2016, Dale Harris was exploring what could be possible within the confines of barista competition service, and how the sensory impact of drinks could be improved through a wider experience, he began working with London based ceramicist, Ben Sutton, on some porcelain cups that would allow a set of coffee drinks to really shine. 

The designs were focused on Ben’s artistic skill with hand-thrown porcelain, combining elegant aesthetics with the materials and glaze’s natural tones and textures to highlight the colours, quality, and multi-sensory impact of the drinks.

After some interesting coffee talks, both of us saw an opportunity to revisit that work with a different goal, tied to thoughts around how we combine the artistic craft of coffee with the challenges and opportunities of scale ever-present within our industry. 

We set out to create a set of products that would allow professionals and corporates to serve drinks in a range of cups matching the quality of their ingredients and baristas. We wanted to combine the artistry of Ben's original designs with the best features of Loveramics' signature work. 

The competition cups was originally made in cream colour, and we have added 2, completely new celadon colours in blue and green to make it more fun. They will all launch during World Barista Championship which takes place in Boston in April, 2019.


warm to hold, curved inner surface to pour with


The capacity of the cups are designed to work perfectly with Dale's coffee recipe


they stack very well on top of any coffee machine. Preheat in upright for optimum temperature.


Dale's autograph on every piece for us to remember the memorable run in 2017 WBC.


nice gathering and a perfect container for drinks presentation




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