Host Milano 2019!!!

Hi we just got back from Host Milano. Its actually just our first time in this world class event since the very first World Coffee Event All-Star in 2014.

The city did not change much but you also see it changed quite a bit. It seems to us that the city is slightly cleaner, more organised than 5 years ago. Also, the Duomo has finished it decade long renovation so now its really beautiful.

The show, was all about Horeca-related products. There were 20 halls, and 4 dedicated solely to coffee. As in Italy, dark roast italian style espresso is everywhere, probably 50% of the halls are italian espresso brands. There are also many new machine launching this year, and it seems to be heavily grinder focused. 

We also team up with Bentwood Grinder, who demonstrate its state of the art technology together with great coffees from Austria, Denmark and Germany. 

Now take a look at our newest products!