videos of our drippers

First, its our own when we pre-launch the dripper. We explained the functions and what they are. Seems a bit old now but it did help us explain the products, which was supposed to launch in Melbourne World Barista Championship.


Second, the review by European Coffee Trip. ECT is a online channel that visit, Cafes in Europe. They does lots of coffee tips and lectures online now and its worth visiting. They did a review of brewers in functionality and brew time test. Honest comments guaranteed.



Then, its the amazing beautiful video by Cafict. Cafict is a Japanese, home aestheticism channel. Watching their videos is like looking into a fireplace. Calm, clean, healing. 


This video from Taiwanese blogger, Wayne Shih is worth watching. Very comprehensive analysis not just from coffee perspective, but in engineering and commercial side as well. Best if you hear mandarin, the discussion there is also amazing technical.



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