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Back in Black by KB Roastery

The Back in Black Coffee by KB Coffee Roastery, is an architect x coffee geek dream. Its also where the french Commandante Grinder champ was held in 2019.


Back In Black

25 rue Amelot

75011 Paris

It is centrally located in Paris, yet a bit off from the busy touristy area. The interior is a complete change from the KB Coffee Shops, it features a simple, tone on tone colour style, yet maintain the original industrial style elements from its original locations.

With a built in long coffee bar, featuring a powder coated white Strada machine, the bar is housed in between an old Parisian house. As you approach to its roastery at the back, it suddenly opens up an open indoor area with lots of sunlight. The sun shines on the coffee bar, the hero of the shop and its both dramatic and cozy for customers as well.

Apart from the large variety of single origin coffee, they carry lots of equipment for home brew, and a large menu for breakfast and brunch that reminds you of the Melbourne cafe scene. They are all serious curated, yet casually presented. Thats exactly where you want to hang out in a cafe in Paris.





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