This use and care apply to all Loveramics' wooden products including Ash Wood, Bamboo, Oak Wood and Walnut Wood.

1. Our wooden products are food safe. We manufactured chopping boards and food trays. However, they are not great with creams and sauce. Try to limit food service to salad, cold cuts, wash quickly after use.

2. All our wooden products are not dishwasher safe. The downside of soaking them in hot water is the glue will melt and the trays may fall apart. Hand wash recommended if you want a last product.

3. You may clean with detergents, rinse with water. Do not soak them in water bath or expose them in rain for a long period of time.

4. All woods are natural material, they will have colour variations. All the grains and patterns from the wood are natural and hence all piece differs. We try our best to pick the aesthetic pleasing ones but there still will be variations.

5. We stain the wood for aesthetic purpose. All colours are lightly applied and are food safe. We also oil the top of the wood for protection and its always a natural, plant based oil.

6. Wood would bend / mould under different moisture, particularly in places that are extremely humid or dry / have high temperature variation throughout the year. Store them in cool places for longevity, take care of them with oil protection. 

7. Depending on the humidity, the bamboo might crack over time, or it might harbour mold if you don’t use it for a long time. Please try to take care of it just like any other wooden products keep it clean and store in a cool dry place. 

Just like an oiled machine, if you keep using it and maintaining it it will last longer. We give basic warranty for products, but after being used, its your job to take care of it too.