Pantone of the year 2020 - Classic Blue

Pantone just announced the colour of the year for 2020. Surprisingly they go classic and chose a shade of blue that reminds you of sky at dusk.

Of course, they did not re-invent "blue", but choosing a classic hue of blue shows nothing but respect for the all time classic. We shall see lots of these in 2020, in clothing, interior and lifestyle products. 

For Loveramics, blue is in its identity. Blue is a classic, traditional colour in porcelain. In fact, cobalt oxides was one of the earliest colouring methods in ceramics, 2500 years ago. Blue is in our DNA, and we lived with it.

While everyone looks to jump onto the bandwagon and try to incorporate classic blues in the product portfolio or daily life, Let's see what Loveramics already have in blues, and like everyone else, we will have our take on classic blues in 2020, stay tuned.

Get them here:

1. Willow Love Story set of 4 plates 

2. Ergo Cobalt Blue,plates and bowls

3. Nomad Mug in "Nightsky" Colourway, save the environment.

4. Pro Tea 400ml teapot in Cobalt.



pantone of the year 2020 - Loveramics

Our flagship in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. With our cobalt plates on the wall.


pantone of the year 2020 - Loveramics

Just launched Egg Potters Colours in "Nightsky" colour way. Dusk of dawn?


pantone of the year 2020 - Loveramics

 The sustainable, double walled, coffee to go mug in "Nightsky" colour way. Eliminate your disposable cups now.


New Er-go! Cobalt low bowls, launch in Spring 2020.

 pantone of the year 2020 - Loveramics

 Er-go! Cobalt, classic 16pc set for casual dining. Matches with our brassy cutlery.


pantone of the year 2020 - Loveramics

A cup of excellence brewed in Denim Colourway of Pro Tea. The infuser helps you re-brew with ease without having a over-brewed pot of tea.


pantone of the year 2020 - Loveramics

pantone of the year 2020 - Loveramics

Classic Willow Pattern with underglaze cobalt oxide. Classic but contemporary "Willow Love Story" is our collection from 2015 and is still furnishing many homes in 2020. Timeless classic designed by Dinah Body.


pantone of the year 2020 - Loveramics

Pro Tea 450ml Mug with high grade stainless steel infuser. This is one of 7 colour ways in Blue.



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