Product: Egg 150ml Flat White Cups

What is Flat White? Let us try to explain it in three sentences. 


Flat White, one kind of coffee drinks, was originated from Australia. It seems hard to tell the definition of Flat White as different people have different understanding of it. But you won’t be confused when facing a menu in a coffee shop if you figure it out as below. 


  1. Flat White ≠ small Latte

Flat white is often mistaken for small latte maybe because in most cafes, a flat white is smaller than a latte. But actually they are two different drinks. No matter Flat White uses Ristretto or Espresso, single or double shot, in the same coffee shop, the ratio of coffee is larger in a flat white than in a latte.


  1. Flat White ≠ No Foam

Flat White is a free pour for a velvet microfoam mix of froth and liquid. 


  1. Flat White: Usually served in 150ml coffee cups

Many coffee shops like to serve Flat White in 150ml coffee cups , though the essence of Flat White is not decided by the size of the cups.


The best way to distinguish Flat White from Latte is to order both at one coffee shop to taste them by yourself. Maybe you’ll fall in love with Flat White.





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