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Products: Starsky and Hutch

This duo is a vintage classic. They are old timer mugs that you would see in any classic diners, or in the 70s 80s movies. We made them in colours so it update you the classic fragile, throwaway diner mugs with a durability, contemporary feel to it.


Very chunky, heavy duo of Starsky and Hutch. Very thick walled so that it retains heat the best. They are also very durable with a classic Loveramics body that would withstand any industrial dishwasher, or a few occasional fall.


Available in classic Loveramics 9 coffee colours, +Taupe which launches in Fall 2017. They give you a vibrant, colourful, playful feel in your kitchen shelves. Also new additions are 3 pottery glazes which are completely hand made. They give you an extra craft/artisanal look to your products.


Both at 250ml / 8oz, they are perfect with drip, batch brew and Americanos. Drip directly on it and it will work with 99% of the recipes that yield 200-230ml of coffee. It won't fit an aero press though (get the bond mug if you need to!)


Fired at 1300c, the colours are in the glaze so that the colours will last forever in any temperature or environment while the mug lasts. Its different from enamel paint, or after process include onglaze or handpainted rims, which are often fired at only 800c.

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Loveramics Starsky Hutch Mug Designer Coffee Cups

Loveramics Starsky Hutch Mug Designer Coffee Cups

Loveramics Starsky Hutch Mug Designer Coffee Cups


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