Product: new size to the Brewers Collection

Brewers Collection has been a great drip coffee cup since it was launched a few years back. It since has been used in millions of brew bars around the world.

Since Aga Rojewska won the World Barista Championship in 2018, and using this Brewers Nutty Cups, more people start to pay attention to it.

It was originally designed to fit with our brewers jug for a complete drinking experience, in competition size. However, we were told in many coffee events (yes we listen to comments) that they would need multiple size for this.

Baristas love the texture and shape so much that they would require more size to serve the concept completely in their cafe. 

The original design was to provide an enclosed vessel to enhance the mouth feel. More people appreciate the fact that this is a great nosing shape which brings aroma directly for sensory pleasure. 

It was also designed to fit with our brewers jug for a complete drinking experience, thats why they are 150ml, which would fit a perfect 2 cup serving size.

Because we listen to ideas, and we love Granite Glaze so much, we are now extending it to 2 more size in the Nutty Profile, and we hear ya.

So now, you can have a great espresso cup and a milk coffee cup together with this, so that you can serve a great competition set. 

We here share some photos of our joy.

 brewers granite nutty cups

brewers granite nutty cups

Aga's competition photos were taken by Dicky Lau, our colleague at Loveramics

brewers granite nutty cups

Her signature cup is still in our showroom as our memorial item from a great show.

Original 3 shapes of cups, designed for different profiles of coffee. 

brewers granite nutty cups

Original design concept photos back in 2018, still very valid!


brewers granite nutty cups

With the new size, you can make espresso and latte in perfect size vessel, maintaining the same cup profile and style across the cafe.


Match with our new jugs, and wooden board for a perfect display of great coffee experience.


Don't be fooled, they are highly stackable too.


brewers granite nutty cups

2 new size, alongside their big bro.


brewers granite nutty cups

brewers granite nutty cups

A few lifestyle shots we are proud of.



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