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Products: Urban Glass Narrow Tumblers

We see smart carafe's footprint in many specialty coffee shops around the world. It is just natural to extends its family further in Urban Glass.  

NOC Roastery 


New in are 4 sizes of "Narrow Tumblers". They are made of the same laboratory glass, but comes with a much narrow profile for better nose feel. The long body allows aroma to fully develop, and then channeling the smell directly to your nose.

Award winning mixologist bar, Angel's Share recently created a cocktail with Johnny Walker Black Label in the narrow black glass. The black version of the Urban Glass gives a mysterious feeling to the drinker. 

Angel's Share


Same as our ceramics glaze, the black colour comes inside the glass bath so the colour will never come off even with acidic drinks. Its a totally different world from the enamelled colour you often find in the market.

The differences between our Urban Glass and normal glassware, is its super light, refined and transparent. They are also flame and freezer safe so feel free to use them with blow torch / dry ice.


Whether its Sake, Shots, Craft Beer samplers or Ice Coffee, they will be a great canvas of yours. Now get them here, and be creative with it!




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