WOC 2024 Recap: A Glimpse into the Heart of Coffee Culture

The World of Coffee 2024, held in the beautiful city of Copenhagen from June 27th to June 29th, was a monumental event that brought together coffee enthusiasts, industry experts, and exhibitors from around the globe. This prestigious trade show is a cornerstone of the coffee calendar, showcasing the latest innovations, trends, and products in the coffee industry. Loveramics was thrilled to be part of this vibrant event this year, presenting an array of our signature products and engaging with the global coffee community.

Our Booth: A Hub of Excitement and Innovation

Our booth at WOC 2024 was a bustling hub of activity, designed to capture the essence of Loveramics’ dedication to quality and innovation. The booth was adorned with our signature ceramic ware, featuring a sleek, modern design that attracted visitors from the moment they entered the exhibition hall. The centerpiece of our display was the Loveramics Brew Bar and Espresso Bar, where visitors could experience the ultimate brewing experience.

The Brew Bar and Espresso Bar were the heart and soul of our booth. We featured a variety of roasters and barista lineups, creating a dynamic and interactive space where attendees could watch live brewing demonstrations, taste exquisite coffee, and engage in lively discussions about brewing techniques. The atmosphere was electric, filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of enthusiastic conversations. It was a joy to brew, share, and chat with old friends from the coffee industry and meet new enthusiasts who share our passion.

Showcasing New Products: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

This year, we were proud to unveil our exclusive WOC 2024 Special Edition Cups Set (Copenhagen), an exclusive set that pays homage to the city’s rich cultural heritage. This exclusive set contains a pair of our classic latte art cups, designed to celebrate Denmark's appreciation for simplicity. The set features a pair of black and white cups, symbolizing the elegance and timelessness of Scandinavian design. These cups serve as a memorable keepsake from the event, commemorating WOC 2024 in a stylish and functional manner.

The launch of our new collection – Scandi was another highlight, featuring minimalist designs handcrafted with love. This collection caters to any coffee craving with 2 sizes. 200ml cappuccino cup and 120ml cortado cup in ivory pottery showcase unique colors and one-of-a-kind designs. The cups are stain-proof, thanks to the vitrified material used for the body, and combine glazed and unglazed finishes for a crafty vibe, perfect for stacking neatly on coffee machines, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any setup.

Additionally, our new Burgundy Glass and Carafe from the Urban Glass collection made their debut, showcasing our commitment to blending functionality with elegant design.

Celebrating the 2024 Cezve/Ibrik Champion

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Jordan Tachnakian from France, the 2024 Cezve/Ibrik Champion, who demonstrated exceptional skill and creativity in brewing traditional Turkish coffee using our Ibrik Coffee Cup, which will be released by Loveramics in the market next quarter. Stay tuned for its release!
This celebration of ancient brewing techniques with modern equipment was a highlight of the event, drawing large crowds and sparking fascinating conversations about coffee culture!

Gifts and Memories: Tokens of Appreciation

As a token of our appreciation, we offered our exclusive WOC 2024 Special Edition Cups Set (Copenhagen) as gifts. It’s been the perfect souvenir for attendees to take home. They not only symbolize the simplicity and elegance of Danish design but also serve as a lasting memory of the wonderful experiences shared at our booth. The joy and excitement on the faces of those receiving these gifts underscored the lasting impressions we aim to create at Loveramics.

We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with the global coffee community and look forward to continuing to inspire and delight coffee lovers worldwide. Stay tuned for our next journal where we delve into the specialty roasters lineup showcased at WOC 2024 and the incredible experiences we shared with our partnership!